Women of Color Leaders

Racial Justice from the H.E.A.R.T. for Women of Color Leaders

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Have a Voice... Uncover your Blindspots...Create Racial Justice and Inclusion for all!

Do you wonder if you're running in circles with your racial diversity work?

Are you starting to dread meetings or wondering if you're a token? 

Do you wish you had emotional and spiritual support?

Racial Justice from the H.E.A.R.T. for Women of Color Is for You!

Confidence, Love and Clarity about What To Do! 

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  •  6 Individual Mentoring Sessions with Dr. Amanda ($4000 Value)
  • 3 Monthly Group Coaching Calls ($1000 Value)
  •  Strategies of the H.E.A.R.T. System Video and Audio Online Training ($1000 Value)
  • Accountability and Support (priceless)
  • Total Value $7000

Participants Say

  • "I have better tools for listening and meeting people where they are."
  • "I’m a little more forgiving of myself."
  • "I’m more hopeful and open hearted."
  • "I especially liked the tracking and holding techniques and the concept of being open to transformation."
  • "The group helped us all grow. Amanda's leadership was so helpful to move us through hard times."
  • "My eye were opened. Reminded me that I'm not alone in wanting deeper dialogue...to affect positive change."
  • "Amanda’s sure and spirited leadership allowed a community to form that encouraged trust, growth and reflection."
  • "I take new knowledge on how to proceed with my social justice work and I think it is going to be helpful in terms of my personal growth. It was WONDERFUL. Thank you."
  • "I’d been searching for years for writing and strategies for social justice that I could relate to on a spiritual level; you connected those things. There’s a lot of agitation and movement building but we don’t get the time to heal within the community, as friends and partners."

What We Cover

  • How to use your voice even when others strongly disagree or challenge you
  • How to cultivate self-love and self-care 
  • How to transform your fear of saying the wrong thing into authentic connection
  • How to break family patterns and ancestral legacies of internalized racism
  • How to listen in such a way that others become more open to your wisdom
  • How to detect and counter White Supremacy Culture in your organization
  • How to lead with compassion and self-compassion 
  • How to counter implicit bias 


  • Confidence to lead and facilitate the growth of your team
  • More authentic relationships across the color line
  • Connect with your Trusted Source
  • Inner peace and groundedness
  • Come from love and grace when you hold others and yourself accountable
  • Renewed joy and connection to your life work

Investment: $2997

Make two payments of $1500.

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  • Digital Download of Black Girl Magic Album for Self-Care and Liberation
  • Women of Color Rest and Renewal Class Replay
  • Roadmap to Make Your Organization More Diverse Training
  • $500 Fast Action Scholarship (With 24 hours of receiving this offer.)

About Dr. Amanda Kemp

Racial Justice and Mindfulness Mentor, Author and Facilitator

 Dr. Amanda Kemp is a racial justice and mindfulness mentor. A proud African American, Dr. Kemp grew up in foster care in the South Bronx, NY and always dreamed of following in Dr. Martin Luther King’s footsteps. Since her first anti-apartheid march in 1983 she has actively stood for racial justice and authentic community. 

 Drawing from her lived experience in an interracial marriage, her study of race at Stanford and Northwestern Universities,as well as over a decade of teaching at the college level, Dr. Kemp created Racial Justice from the H.E.A.R.T. This system builds skill and capacity of compassionate change makers in schools and faith communities. 

 A Master teacher and performing artist, Dr. Kemp has helped over 25,000 people have open-hearted conversations, consciously use their power and practice compassion to cultivate racial justice and authentic community. 

 She has worked with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Honorable Maxine Waters, Niyonu Spann, and the movement for a free South Africa. Dr. Kemp has shared the stage and/or created with Danny Glover, August Wilson, Sonia Sanchez, Toni Morrison, George Wolfe, and Amiri Baraka. She has been featured on PBS, WITF, WGAL, LCTV. 

 She is a frequent speaker and performer at schools and colleges such as Stanford, Berkeley, NYU, Swarthmore, Haverford, Franklin & Marshall and many others. She has addressed regional, national and international gatherings of people of faith in the Quaker, Unitarian-Universalist, and African Methodist Episcopal traditions. Her TedX Talk: How to Lean in to Difficult Conversations about Race has been used by conflict and resolution, sociology, and psychology classes at both the high school and college levels. 

Learn more at: www.dramandakemp.com