White Women's Tears: 

How European American Women Can Show up for Racial Justice

Racial Justice Educator Lisa Graustein 

Dr. Amanda Kemp: Founder of Racial Justice from the Heart

Yes, I'm ready!

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 We will discuss: 


  • How can white women do their homework before they show up in multi-racial spaces?
  • What do authentic partnerships between white women and women of color look like?
  • You'll get a chance to ask your own questions too!

I just watched the video -- thanks to you and to Lisa for that conversation. Especially the need to look at my focus for what I'm saying ... and ... everyones' need for spaces to be vulnerable together (but the need to find which spaces are appropriate for that) were powerful for me.

-Carol Rougvie, Local SURJ Activist  

Important: This uncommon conversation is Pay What You Can. This means you can participate for free but we recommend you contribute something.