Virtual Retreat--Difficult Conversations about Racism

One Day Seminar Friday, April 12, 2019

Transform Your Conversations about Racism: Learn, Practice, Apply 5 Simple Steps Virtual Retreat

I'm Ready for a Strong Voice


I created this system for leaders to have a voice; build relationships across the color line; dismantle racism; and act from LOVE. It is spiritual, emotional, intellectual and grounded in your body.

This retreat will bring together people who have a DEEP CALLING for racial justice and are ready to learn new ways to talk and listen so that others see the need for racial justice. 

I calculate that for every two hours I spent in sessions with Dr. Kemp I came away with a new approach or practice that I have used with good results in my antiracism work—even though I had already been doing that work for 15 years. --David Etheridge  

How can I ever thank you for all that you have given me? You are the most down-to-earth, inspiring, challenging, empowering breakthrough-thinker and spiritual teaching-angel I have ever encountered! --Mike Keller  

Your Retreat Leader: Dr. Amanda Kemp 


Racial Justice from the Heart Retreat will be an immersive and invaluable experience taking place over a whole day while in the comfort of your own home or office. 

Each segment will be include hands-on exercises and role plays so that you can practice talking about racism in ways that leave you empowered, compassionate and effective. You will find out what triggers you and what it takes to transform your fears and tears. You will learn how to call people in rather than calling them out. You will learn how to disarm white fragility and invite reflection, changed attitudes and new actions.

Join us for a moderated experience which includes the presentation, Q&A, and practice opportunities. Can't make all day? No problem! You can get the video recording.

Before working with Amanda I felt anxious and unclear about how to begin the work with and for my family. Now I feel encouraged, more clear and excited about next steps. In fact I took a step by talking with my son about it this evening. -Joyce Inspira Williams

The Day 

9am-10am: Introductions, Self-Compassion as your secret weapon, and Hold Space for Transformation

10-10:30: Self-Care Break  

10:30-noon: How to Lean In and Plant Seeds with People who Don't Understand Racism

noon-12:30pm: Meal Break  

12:30-2pm: Practicing establishing rapport 

2pm-2:30: Self-Care Break  

2:30-4:00pm: Practicing sharing your own story to inspire change

4:00-4:30pm : Self-Care Break

4:30-5pm: Questions, Review, & Put Love in Action Plan

Note that this schedule is subject to change.

I took the Master class with Amanda (and we had a retreat!) and it was wonderful-- really great to have a "buddy" who is in the trenches. We still meet weekly and support each other and share what we are doing-- and hold each other accountable. -Fran Brokaw  

We Need to Learn How to Talk about Racism.

It's all around us but so often not seen. Whether it's someone in your family or on your job or in your faith community, you need to speak in a way that you can be heard.

Our 5 Step System, takes the guess work out of the equation. We show you how to stay centered, how to listen for real and then speak effectively.

If you're tired of doubting yourself and ready for confidence, come on in!

Before working with Amanda I felt anxious and unclear about how to begin the work with and for my family. Now I feel encouraged, more clear and excited about next steps. In fact I took a step by talking with my son about it this evening. -Joyce Inspira Williams

This virtual retreat is for you, if you have trouble finding the right words.

Our intensive practice scenarious and role plays help you to find your authentic language --and we give you a few phrases that can help!

Our training includes what to do when you feel attacked. We help you overcome defensiveness and fear so that you can hear feedback--even if it's offered in unkind ways--and make changes.

Every conversation for racial justice is different but there are patterns--and with practice we can see the pattern and not react. 

If you need to hold someone accountable, we show you how.

 If you want to change minds and hearts, we show you how. 

In our learning community, you don't have to struggle alone. Bring your questions, feelings, failures and confusion. 

Your vulnerability is your greatest asset!

Yesterday's session with you was affirming, comforting, and insightful. Your care-full listening made me hear what I needed to work on.-Sandi Albertson, Retired professor

How Does the Virtual Retreat Work?

You will receive a link and sign on to our private event and see presentations, ask questions and then get to practice with another participant. All you need is your smartphone, laptop or tablet and a strong internet connection.

Our livestream allows you to participate in real time and to be part of the Racial Justice from the Heart community without the expense of traveling, getting a hotel, OR paying for days of childcare.

Moreover, you will receive all of the materials and a list of resources for ongoing learning.

If you cannot participate in the entire day, no problem--we are recording all of the presentations! You can watch later for what you missed and to review what you learned.

If you're tired of being afraid to say the wrong thing, and ready to get knowledge, come on in!

If you're ready to go beyond being the Voice in the Wilderness in your faith community, we have something for you!

It was very helpful to me and gives me hope that I will be able to find my way back to grounding in my own heart and ability to be more patient and compassionate with myself and with others. I plan to listen to it and work with it more to take it in more deeply. -Nan D.

Investment is only $597.

 $297 !


This workshop is for you, if you are running around--trying to put out too many fires.

Yes, you! 

You're on committees and task forces and support groups, going at a pace that is unsustainable. 

You know you can't keep going but feel like you can't say no. 

Maybe it's because you feel the urgency of the moment. 

Maybe it's because you feel guilty for privileges and blessings you've received. 

Maybe it's because the busyness keeps you from feeling. 

Well, this virtual retreat will give you space to connect with your deep self, your Higher Power, your ancestors, Mother Earth, God, --whatever you hold sacred-- for guidance. 

Feeling connected to the part of you that is way deeper and wiser than the ego, will help you to focus your efforts and culivate joy. 

All work and no spirit, makes you brittle and easily broken. 

Connected and loved, you will leave this retreat FLEXIBLE and refreshed.  


Here's what you get:

  • 1 whole day of community, instruction, and practice
  • Free Replay Access for 3 months After the Retreat
  • Handouts, worksheets, and pre-retreat accelerator pack
  • An Accountability Buddy
  • Networking with others deeply committed to Racial Justice



  • The first 5 registrants will get a private strategy session with Dr. Amanda Kemp. Get my thirty years of experience on your racial justice challenge, question or dilemma. ($500 Value)

Total Value:$1097

Your Investment: $297 if you register now.

My heart is overflowing with tears of gratitude that I have access to your voice. Thank you for your ... assignments and also for your powerful and helpful ... talks. -Nan D.